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“IN THE YEAR 3044” – THE ART OF UNITY: Mankind’s march toward dis-topic planetary peace.

I.         [Nine Star Universe]
Be.      [Alpha-Omega, Beginning, End]
Sol.     [Light, warmth, nourishment]
Love.  [Grace, kindness, compassion]
Unity.  [Peace, harmony, happiness]

“Study the sciences, Acquire more and more knowledge.”

“Assuredly one may learn to the end of one’s life!”

“Use your knowledge always for the benefit of others;”

“So may wars cease on the face of this beautiful Earth…”

“And a glorious edifice of peace and concord be raised.”

“Strive that your high ideals may be realized in the Kingdom of God on Earth,”

“As they will be in Heaven”

– Paris Talks in the year 1911

[, Page 32]


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